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We aim to please & are fast, dependable & honest.

We have been in business since 1967 and are located in Miami, Florida USA.

We can ship anywhere in the world and welcome all questions or comments.

We sell new items and one of our specialties is in new old inventory consisting of carburetors, fuel injection, brakes parts, electrical systems & parts, clutches & fuel systems for domestic & foreign vehicles.

We do maintain an eBay store under bgauto3.  Please, look over our store to see some of the items we carry.   Parts listed as new current inventory carry manufacturer’s nationwide warranty. New old stock does not; we will send you pictures for you to peruse.  

We are also a Value Added Provider (VAP) – our goal is to insure your satisfaction with each purchase you make from us.  We not only will sell you what you request, we will also suggest relevant items that you may need that you are omitting in your order. 

Our experience is in automotive, heavy truck, agricultural and industrial applications.  We provide procurement services for numerous organizations who entrust in us their confidence to fulfill purchasing requirements in unrelated fields while charging a nominal fee. 

 Hablamos epsañol.
Nós compreendemos o português.  

We look forward in hearing from you to discuss your requirements.